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5 04 2008

Everybody needs a good theology and praxis. Theology should never be divorced from responsible, obedient action.

The Theology and Praxis blog is dedicated to a Sydney based theological reading and discussion group, which meets approximately once a month. The aim of the group is to read and discuss contemporary Christian theology and its impact on church ministry and mission. The group is non-denominational and is open to those in ministry whether ordained, lay or studying.

The purpose of the blog is to facilitate discussion with those who are unable to make the meetings due to distance or ministry commitments. On the blog you will find papers (usually at an undergraduate level) and discussion. Minutes will be included of the actual meetings and details to attend meetings will be available.

Currently, there are participants from Congregational, Salvation Army, Anglican, Baptist, Pentecostal and Anabaptist traditions and there are lay, ordained, undergraduates and post-graduates who attend.

The next meeting of the theological reading and discussion group will commence 10am, Saturday 12th April at Leichhardt Congregational Church, Corner of Allen & Elswick Sts, Leichhardt.




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5 04 2008
Jason Goroncy


This makes me wish that I was living in Sydney … which is not an easy thing for a Melbournian to confess.


7 04 2008

The only thing I want to know is if Aussie definitions of “praxis” include playing Aussie-rules football, and who among you cries first when bleeding real blood (the Congregational, Salvation Army, Anglican, Baptist, Pentecostal, or Anabaptists)?

I won’t believe it’s really Aussie-praxis until I see blood!

Okay, maybe a can of Fosters too.


7 04 2008

Hi Jim,
You clearly outed yourself as being from somewhere other than Australia by suggesting that Aussies drink Fosters! Fosters is our little in-joke. We don’t drink it here but export it by the tonne around the world. We keep the best beer for us here!!

Thanks for you comments. Can I ask how you found my blog?

Regards, John

7 04 2008

You know you’re welcome anytime. We’d be so honoured.

I love reading your blog. I ask myself two questions. Firstly, how do you break stuff down so easily that is blog-friendly? I get polarised between a three line comment and a thesis. Secondly, where do you get the time??

God bless and thanks again for your comments.


8 04 2008

Hi John – thanks for the reply. Yep, I’m an outed Yank.

I found your blog on an advanced Google search, with an exact phrase (which I now forget), plus a boolean search conditioned by the terms praxis, theology, pragmatism, and method(ological naturalism), but I forget which factors I outed and inned. So I’m sorry I can’t re-create the original search. Alas. I stuck around because I liked the mix of faith-families in your local reading group (echoing Jason, I’m jealous). Plus I liked the byte from Driscol on Osteen. I guess when I went looking for praxis, I subliminally wanted Aphrodite, but since you Aussies, “keep the best .. for us here!”, I probably won’t get her either, eh? I hope to glean along the edges of your theological-field.



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