I recommend these titles (Listed by Author):

Donald Bloesch
Essentials of Evangelical Theology (2 Volumes in 1)
Hendrickson Publishers (2005)

Jesus is Victor: Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Salvation
Abingdon (1976)

Spirituality Old and New: Recovering Authentic Spiritual Life
Apollos/IVP Academic (2007) 

Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Life Together
SCM Press Ltd (1954)

Meditations on the Cross
Westminster John Knox Press (1998)

Elmer M Colyer
How to Read T.F Torrance: Understanding His Trinitarian and Scientific Theology
InterVarsity Press (2001)

Michael Jinkins
Invitation to Theology
InterVarsity Press (2001)

C. Baxter Kruger
The Great Dance 
Perichoresis Press (2002)

Sam Storms
Convergence: The Spiritual Journey of a Charismatic Calvinist
Kingsway Publications (2006)

James B. Torrance
Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace
InterVarsity Press (1997)

Thomas F. Torrance
The Mediation of Christ
Helmers & Howard Publishing; New edition (1992)

Robert E. Webber
Worship is a Verb
Hendrikson Publishers (1992)


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