New Torrance Book: Incarnation

26 03 2009

T.F Torrance has published a new book titled Incarnation. The book, which Torrance had begun prior to illness and later death from old age, is edited by his nephew Robert T. Walker.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, gives this endorsement:

No other book I know in english does what this superb volume does in presenting with absolute clarity the full classical doctrine of the universal Church on the person and work of Christ. This book is a wonderful legacy from one of the very greatest of English-language systematic theologians.

I purchased the book earlier in the year.

Amidst the many other things that I currently need to read for university, I have kept coming back to Incarnation in my personal reading. I am reading it slowly, a small piece at a time. This book is rich fare and a casual reading will deprive the reader of the depth of thought and argument that Torance provides.

A number of reviews of this book have been posted.

The Stumbling Block


Dead Theologians

I will further provide my own thoughts on the book, beginning with a post I am currently preparing, in the next month.




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6 08 2009
Mike Crowl

I see you’re following me on Twitter, John. Well, I hope you find that worthwhile! LOL

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