A few words about Recapitulation

25 03 2009

David Neff, has posted “What’s the fuss about Recapitulation Theology?” at his Ancient Evangelical Future blog.

It’s worthwhile noting that many are interpreting the renewal of this idea as a threat to Penal Substitution. Yet as one person noted in the comments section of this post,

Recapitulation shouldn’t be seen so much as a theory of how the atonement is transacted, but rather the telos point or raison d’etre for Chrit’s Atonement. It’s not penal substitution or recapitulation it’s both working hand in hand.

I would suggest that recapitulation modifies penal substitution such that both provide a vigorous understanding of the atonement. Something I believe that neither does by themselves.




One response

26 03 2009

Would you mind having a look at this Penal Substitution debate I’m having with a Calvinist:


I believe the doctrine to be thoroughly unbiblical.

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