Finding God in Jesus Christ

14 03 2009

The nature and character of God the Father is often approached by Christians and non-Christians alike in manner akin to Santa Claus, if we’re good he’ll come to us. Some of the forms of revivalism within the pentecostal/charismatic movement tend to have a similar emphasis – think in terms of our separation from holy God, tarrying or the baptism in the Spirit as a sanctifying means by which conjure we are able to God out of his hiding place.

However, I’d like to challenge this and similar mindsets.

Thomas Torrance, in his book The Mediation of Christ argues that you can’t separate the message and the messenger when it comes to God’s revelation of himself.

He writes, “In Jesus Christ God has given us a Revelation which is identical with himself.” That’s why he could say that anyone who has seen him has seen the Father – for the Father dwells in him and he dwells in the Father.

As I’ve thought about God’s activity in our world I’ve come to agree with this outlook.. that through the the history and dealings of Israel and then in the life and person of Jesus God has shown up and pitched his tent.. and He’s not hiding.

It’s easy to think of Jesus like a sign that puts us on the path to God the Father. But this neglects that he is of and within the Godhead of Father, Son and Spirit.

Again, another way to say this is that he is not only the sign but the subject that the sign points too. In my mind it’s like (cause it’s only an analogy) Jesus doing the advertising for God and the campaign involves him turning up everywhere saying “We’re here!!”

The gist of what I’m saying is that God didn’t send Jesus to point people back to God, which is how the gospel can often be presented. But as God, Jesus reveals to the whole world himself, the Father and the Spirit too.

God has not been hiding but has been actively revealing himself on earth culminating in his self-revelation in Jesus.

Take a good look around, you’ll find him fleshed out in all sorts of places.




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11 02 2010


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