Worshiping the Triune God

30 10 2007

Bob Kauflin, from Worship Matters , has posted about how our understanding of the Trinity impacts upon our adoration of the Godhead. In his post he reminds us how important it is to identify the God we worship when we meet together.

He asks some perceptive and challenging questions like, “How much do the songs we sing on Sunday define, articulate, reflect, and praise the God who has revealed himself to us as Father, Son, and Spirit in Scripture?”, “How many of our songs are limited to general second person pronouns or simply, “God?”, “Would there be much change to our song repertoire if we found out next week that God wasn’t triune?” and “Would anyone in our churches even notice?”.

I hope you read Bob’s article and ponder these questions yourself. Post your thoughts and comments below and we may get some discussion started.




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